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What kind of counseling do you offer, and how much does it cost?

Our main focus is marital, but we will also help with other related issues, such as premarital, and parent/child relationships, addictions, and sexual health.  If an issue falls outside of our ability or training, referals are made to well respected, licenced, Christian therapists.


There is no charge for our counseling services. 

What beliefs and philosophies govern your counseling? 

The counseling received by our couples is Pastoral, not Clinical.  The Bible is used as the ultimate authority.  Methods and techniques from the world of psychology may occassionally be leveraged provided that they do not in any way contradict scripture.  For more information, please review our ethical guidelines and informed consent documents.

Why don't you just make people pay for their own help?   Isn't it their responsibility? 

If you were to move into a town where people were starving to death, they wouldn't need a restaurant, they'd need a soup kitchen.  The hard reality is that many marriages are slowly starving to death and one or both partners don't even realize it.  Asking them to pay before they even understand the depth of their need can be counterproductive.  Our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible in order to encourage people to seek the help that they need.  Ultimately, they will need to take responsibility for the state of their relationships.  We can't do the work for them.  Our motto is "The happily is up to you" after all, but showing up to a counseling session and willingly talking to a stranger about the most intimate of issues proves much more about ones willingness to take responsibility than a check does.  Many couples who have experienced healing, choose to become financial supporters themselves in an effort to pay it forward.

If you don't make them pay, how do you know that they'll take it seriously.  Shouldn't they have some skin in the game?

The truth is, they already have skin in the game.  It is their life that we're talking about after all.  Besides, when I'm sitting across from someone, looking into their eyes and listening to their words, it becomes very easy to determine if they are taking the process seriously or not. Are they being defensive or honest and open?  Are they completing the homework assignments?  Are they canceling appointments or not showing up?  Are they coming late?  Those who show through their actions that they are not taking the process seriously are removed from the scholarship program.

Why should I sacrifice if the people I'm helping potentially make more than me?

There is only one reason that you should choose to give and that is if you feel that God wants you to help save marriages.  Please do not make a donation without consulting with Him first.  Keep in mind that having enough money to afford a nice house or car does not make a couple immune to trouble.  Many of the issues that couples face are complex and cannot be solved in one or two sessions. While some couples can afford to make the investment in the short term, the costs associated with ongoing long term support can become prohibitive forcing them to terminate counseling prematurely.  Having the option to join the scholarship program when the costs begin to become an issue, helps to ensure that they can stick with it to the end.

Can't people just see their own Pastor if they need help? 

Couples can and should see their pastors for help.  We believe that the best way for them to find healing is through the supportive community of their local church.  This is why we work so hard to come along side churches and ensure that they have healthy marriage ministries.  Unfortunately the counseling load at many churches can be so overwhelming that some pastors barely have time to prepare a Sunday message.  For this reason many limit their counseling to no more than two or three sessions. Most of our referrals come from pastors who have already met with couples and have determined that they need a more long term strategy.

Does the ministry collect revenue from speaking engagements and seminars?   If so, how is this money used?

We do, but in our desire to help marriage ministries flourish, we place the needs of the church over their ability to pay.  Many speaking engagements and seminars are covered only by a minimal free-will offering and are not financially profitable.  Your support allows us to go places and consider venues that we would not otherwise be able to.  If a particular event turns out to be financially profitable, that profit is pumped right back into the mission of the ministry.  This includes the scholarship fund.

I'm interested in holding an event at my church.  What do I do?

If you are interested in hosting an event at your church, or using our services for your next retreat, please give us a call at

(516) 387-5006 or send us a message here

I would like to setup a monthly donation.  How can I do that?

If you are interested in setting up an automatic monthly payment, please click here                         and select the checkbox "Make This Recurring (Monthly)" 

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