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The Problem

Few churches have the resources to offer sufficient marital support services.  Overwhelmed pastors must instead direct couples to professional counselors.  To many families facing marital troubles, the costs associated with getting professional help can be a major barrier.

Our Approach

We work with the local church to ensure that services such as small groups, seminars, and retreats are in place.  In addition, couples can opt to receive private pastoral counseling free of charge.

Your Part

Your monthly or one time donations allow us to offer free services to couples facing difficulties.

We are a for profit company with the heart of a non profit. This means that while gifts are not tax deductable, they are used to help couples receive the assistance they need.  We believe that this model allows us greater flexibility in our quest to help strengthen families.  Would you help us in reaching this forgotten population with the redemptive love of Christ?

Frequently Asked Questions

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